Support Bernie - Stand Together Against Evictions

Bernie with Jonno Sri, Councillor for The Gabba Ward

Forced evictions are ongoing, despite covid and the recent flood-related devastation. Rents are getting higher. Real estate agents are proactively encouraging property sales to maximise profits. Developers and landlords are displacing the vulnerable and marginalised so they can harvest huge profits.

Support Bernie & his Housemates

Bernie is a 65-year-old pensioner who's lived in his Milton home for over 10 years. He's been a reliable and long-term tenant, but he's already stretching his pension. He can't afford to move anywhere else in the area. Despite this, Bernie and his housemates are being forcibly evicted by Melbourne-based developer Goldfields because as their CEO Lachlan Thompson says, Goldfields “are hungry to grow” and can amass “significant capital value growth due to limited supply” of housing.

Join us in sending Goldfields a message before Friday 15 April.

Use the template below for a quick and easy way to make a submission to Brisbane City Council, opposing Goldfields' development application. Goldfields and the local representatives at all levels of government will be copied into the email.

  • Provide your full address. Submissions are only valid if you include full postal or residential address
  • Please ask in the email if you would like your personal details redacted from the public copy of your submission.
  • You are welcome to personalise the email with your own views on the eviction.