Being an Eviction Defender

Thanks for signing up to be an Eviction Defender.  This will help us mobilize quickly in response to an eviction.


Do you have extra time to help organise the Eviction Defenders campaign? 

  • Collecting data on evictions within SEQ 
  • Helping coordinate various Direct Actions  
  • Promoting the campaign via Social media  
  • Painting banners, making signs & other creative elements
  • Helping with activist training events

Send us a FB message via our FB Page below or an email


What will an Anti-Eviction action look like? 

Every physical action will vary depending on each unique situation of housing, the tenant(s) and the landlord. A briefing will always occur at the beginning of each action to inform attendees of the proposed plan, their legalities and potential risks. 

Realistically, we won’t be able to organise an anti-eviction action for every eviction in SEQ, as we won’t have the resources or capacity. So we will be strategic in choosing evictions that will have the most impact including getting favourable media coverage (to amplify pressure on landlords) and putting pressure on politicians.

After the initial action, there will be a chance that we’ll need people on call to return to the property for a snap action, if police return to change locks for instance. If all else fails, and the tenant(s) is evicted, then the care work is essential. Having people, who have capacity, to help with childcare, transport and moving or providing food will be potentially needed.


Some Housing Justice Readings  

If you’re interested in further reading on the rationale of resisting evictions, here are a couple of links.


Brisbane Renters Alliance (BRA) contacts and Group discussion

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BRA email address - [email protected]