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While we will strive to help out renters to the best of our ability, here are a few services that we encourage people to contact for serious issues, find information or support.

Tenants Queensland

Tenants Queensland provides a free state-wide advice service for all tenants at 1300 744 263. This service operates 9am-5pm Monday to Friday with extended hours until 7pm on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. If the line is engaged, the advice worker is speaking with another tenant. Try calling at another time. For callers outside of Queensland or who cannot dial a 1300 number you can phone on: 07 3832 9403.

For information on common tenancy issues see the Tenants Queensland Tenancy Fact sheets, which include information for tenants in general tenancies and residents in rooming accommodation.

Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA)

The RTA provides tenancy information and services for all parties, including lessors, agents, providers, tenants, and residents. The RTA provides a telephone information service, tenancy forms and publications, and a free dispute resolution service. The RTA can also investigate complaints about failure to comply with the Act, such as failure to lodge rental bonds or provide written agreements.