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Brisbane Renters Alliance is concerned about rising poverty and homelessness. We are seeing families on lower incomes struggling to find secure rental properties and suffering when rents rise steeply and unexpectedly. The Australian Homelessness Monitor Report 2018 has documented a 32% increase in homelessness in Brisbane since 2011, and identifies weak renters’ rights as a key contributing factor.

The State Government recently announced a review into renters’ rights in Queensland. This is the best opportunity we’re going to get in this election cycle for some major tenancy reforms in Queensland. If we don’t push for big changes now, we’ll probably miss the boat until well after the next state election.

Brisbane Renters Alliance is asking individuals and community groups to support these five principles:

  1. Renters need and deserve greater stability and security of tenure in their homes.
  2. Renters should be entitled to have their lease renewed unless the landlord can provide a valid reason for ending a tenancy.
  3. Rents should not be able to rise more frequently than once every two years.
  4. Stricter limits should be placed on excessive and unreasonable rent increases.
  5. Landlords must maintain rental homes to a safe and habitable minimum standard.

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