Stand Together Against Evictions

Brisbane Renters Alliance have produced a zine which provides an introduction to our Eviction Defenders campaign.

Download the zine here.



  • Approx 500,000 Queenslanders have experienced homelessness in their lifetime.
  • Over 50,000 Queenslanders are currently stuck on the public housing waiting list, including over 15,000 children.
  • Of Queenslanders who access homelessness services:
    • 35% have experienced family/domestic violence;
    • almost 50% are under 25 years old;
    • 34% are First Nations people.
  • While 75% of renters want to become homeowners, 65% of people believe owning a home isn't really an option anymore for young Australians.
  • Housing Stress is spending more than 30% of your income on housing costs:
    • 29% of renters are in housing stress, with approximately 35,000 renters contacting Tenants QLD for support every year;
    • 12% of homeowners are in housing stress.