Make a Submission

The property industry is currently pressuring the State Government NOT to improve renters rights.

So we need as many people as possible to make a formal submission showing that there is strong public support for big changes.

This is our chance to push for better renters rights in Queensland, like stopping unjustified evictions, limiting rent rises, introducing minimum standards and the right to a pet.

Personalise your submission!

  • Add a sentence or two about who you are and some of your personal experiences – how long have you rented? 
  • Feel free to make other changes and remove sections you don’t agree with
  • Include any other policy changes that are important to you (e.g. the right to have pets, frequency of inspections, etc)

Please also post a link to this page on social media with the hashtags #makerentingfair and #rentinginqld and encourage your friends to make a submission.